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Restoring the West Conference 2015
October 28-29, 2015 at the Eccles Conference Center

Restoration and Fire in the Interior West

On numerous occasions, a riparian theme has been suggested for the Restoring the West Conference. We listened, and this year’s theme is Managing for Resilient Riparian Corridors. These areas where water and land meet are vital for water quantity and quality, biological heath and diversity, and social values. Historic riparian corridor management in the West has ranged from benign neglect to exploitation and purposeful destruction. This conference will highlight the functions and benefits of these complex systems and how they can be managed for resilience in the face of climatic variability and other pressures. There will be two days of plenary sessions and a poster session. Poster submissions are requested.

This conference is organized and sponsored by Utah State University (Cooperative Extension, Wildland Resources and Watershed Sciences Departments, College of Natural Resources, and Ecology Center), USDA Forest Service – State and Private Forestry, and the Western Aspen Alliance.


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